How To Measure



  • Use a steel tape measure (if it is not steel it may stretch and give inaccurate measurements)
  • Decide whether you would like the blind to fit inside or outside of the windows recess.
  • Measurements are to be taken from where the blinds are to be fitted eg. not just measure the glass size
  • Remember on Roller blinds the fabric width would be 1.5" (35mm) less than the overall width measurement to allow
    for the brackets.
  • State if the blind is to be top fixed into the ceiling or face fixed into the wall.
  • All blinds are made to measure and cannot be returned if the measurements or details supplied by the client are incorrect.


Measuring inside the recess


  • Measure A, across the width in several places in case the walls are not straight.
  • Take the smallest measurement for the width.
  • Measure B down for the drop in several places in case the walls are not straight.
  • Again take the smallest measurement for the drop.
  • When supplying recess measurements the manufacturers will deduct an allowance in order for the blind to fit into the recess.

Measuring outside the recess


Measure as shown above, but you will have to allow for a recommended allowance of 10cm, all around the window.

When supplying measurements for outside of the recess, the full system size will need to be given as the blind would then be made to specifications.