Tracks & Poles

Wrought Iron Poles

A wide range available in a number of diameters with a good selection of finishes and finials to suit any room.

A variety of poles can also be made to measure for bay windows.



Cameron Fuller Poles


Bradley Bay Pole


Passing brackets & ‘C’ rings for available for bay windows


Wooden Poles

A wide range available in a number of diameters and finishes from stained, painted, gilded or limed and also unfinished.
A wide range of finials are also available. Specialist wooden poles can also be made to fit bay windows.



Cameron Fuller Poles


Hunter & Hyland



Metal Tracks

A selection of corded or manual tracks available from either the Kirsch or Silent Gliss ranges to suit all weights of curtains.
These tracks are available for both bay and straight windows and are made to order, Kirsch tracks are not able to be reverse bent.



Silent Gliss 3000  corded


Silent Gliss 1280 manual


Kirsch tracks, manual & corded



Electric Systems

We specialise in the supply and installation of electrically operated curtain tracks, panel glide systems, and blinds. Each can be used with either domestic or commercial applications from light, medium to heavy weight treatments.


The curtain tracks can be bent by the manufacturers for bay windows, some restrictions apply.

The advantage to electric systems is that they are perfect for large or hard to reach windows and they can also be used for audio visual / conference rooms.
They have an added security benefit as there are some track systems that can be timer and light activated which means that the curtains can open and close even when you are away via BUS technology.


They can even be integrated into building management systems.

All of Silent Gliss systems are designed to be discreet and appealing to the eye and they are available in a wide range of operating systems including fixed switch, radio or remote control or both.

The low voltage (24V) Autoglide system is a very versatile curtain track for domestic use as pre wiring is not required.


All systems are supplied with a 5 year guarantee for peace of mind.


For more information please contact us or click on the Silent Gliss link.